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Partners for Positive Impact

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Organizations

Research has shown that nothing impacts an organization’s diversity, inclusion and culture more than meaningful progress at the leadership levels of an organization, including:

  • Hiring, transition, and retention of diverse leadership
  • Diversifying and developing Boards
  • Engaging and retooling leadership teams for high-impact execution of equity and inclusion initiatives

We partner with mission-led organizations to bring about critical changes and meaningful progress at their leadership levels, including hire-to-retire talent strategies, employment marketing and communications, board development, and other key initiatives furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Who We Are

Wahl & Associates is a boutique consulting firm with an equity focus, offering services to assist organizations involved in social justice and positive community change in the Pacific Northwest and across the U.S.

We bring deep expertise on reducing barriers

and mitigating

unconscious biases 

related to racial, gender, and other types of diversity.

We focus on 

inclusion & equity, 

integrity & transparency,

collaboration & respect, 

within our firm and across all of our partner and community interactions.

We meet our partners where they are 

and set high standards

for progress, 

not perfection, 

with our partner teams along the way.

We believe everyone's progress on equity and inclusion is needed

  to overcome systemic injustice in our society.

We welcome the opportunity to hear about your needs and objectives

and to partner on a tailored approach to make meaningful progress for your organization.

Learn how your organization can benefit from more diverse leadership...

Our Founder

Joseph Wahl, our founder and CEO, has more than 30 years of experience in leading executive selection, human resources, organization development, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for both public and private sector organizations.  He is a featured and requested speaker, presenter, skilled facilitator, and trusted leadership consultant.